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MD-003 KEYDIY KD-X2 Car Key Garage Door Remote kd x2 Generater/Chip Reader/Frequency Tester/Access Card Copier

    Item no.: MD-003
    KEYDIY KD-X2 Car Key Garage Door Remote kd x2 Generater/Chip Reader/Frequency Tester/Access Card Copier

KEYDIY KD-X2 Introduction:


1. Power supply: 2600mAh lithium battery; Charge method: USB 5V/1A

2. With 0.91inch OLED display screen.

3. Bluetooth BLE4.0 inside, work with mobile KD app by bluetooth connection

4. Can work with PC software by USB-B connection, and work with Android phone or tablet by OTG connection.

5. With PS-2 interface for connecting remotes to generate.

6. Three functional shortcut buttons: chip identification, remote identification and frequency detection.

7. Basic functions as below:

1) Wired Generation.

2) Wireless Generation.

3) Mobile Phone Simulation.

4) Garage Door Generation.

5) Proximity Key Unlock.

6)  Frequency Detection.

7) Infrared Detection.

8) Access Card Copy.

9) Fixed Code Remote Copy

10) Online HCS Remote Copy.

11) Online Chip Copy ( 96 bit 48chip, 46chip, 4Dchip, Toyota chip etc. )

12) Chip Generation.

13) Chip Editing.

14) Chip Simulation.

15) lgnition Coil detection.

16) Remote Data Backup.

17) Additional Functions Will be Available in Succession.

18) Free Activation of 96 Bits 48 Transponder Copy (No token required)


How to Use KEYDIY KD-X2 to Identify Chip Type?


Put the chip you want to identify into the chip slot,then press the "Chip Identification" button.


KEYDIY KD-2 Remote Maker Package List:


1pc x KEYDIY KD-X2 Main Unit

1pc x PC Data Cable

1pc x 3 Commonly Remotes

1pc x Remote Data Cable

1pc x Spare Remote Data Cable

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